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Name:Protective Suit Making Machine Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine G01
Energy consumption:220 V50 Hz
Rated power output:2500W
Rated current:15 A
Working speed:1-24 meters / min
temperature:Up to 700 ° C
Upper cylinder pressure:0.05-0.35 MPa
Roller width:30mm
Optional Size of Roller:8-30mm
Adhesive tape width:14-25 mm (standard)
Dimension(LWH):13006001550 mm
Weight:200 KG

Products Description


1.Adopt large-scale, easy-to-read, high-resolution multi-touch display, use speed, temperature, operation, and program to make clear display.

2.The two pairs of splicing speed, temperature, operation and display are all automatically and intelligently controlled by a microcomputer, which can be programmed according to user needs. The tape length can be set automatically. It has memory for storing tape length and settings. The upper and lower transmission wheels can set the speed difference.

3.Automatic cutting tape, and automatically complete the belt tails to reduce material loss.

4.Double pedal control program, comfortable operation, suitable for long time operation.

5.It can work continuously for 24 hours with high production efficiency.

6.Unique heat pipe structure, discharged into the wind through the filter, no moisture and oil pollution.

7.Unique double drop column design, horizontal and vertical free switching, suitable for various products: such as barrels, cuffs, modeling bags, shoes, mouths, pants, etc., to achieve a very good production efficiency and quality assurance. 

8.Automatic tape cutting, paper feeding and sorting to reduce the waste of seam sealing tape. 

9.Set different order parameters (temperature, speed) according to different fabrics and can be saved. 

10.Using a high pressure device, insufficient air pressure will automatically protect the heating wire, the middle roller and the lower roller can be switched freely, the middle wheel is used for cuffs, and the lower wheel is used for trouser legs.

Application:The hot air sealing machine G01 is suitable for the production of jackets, tents, raincoats, protective clothing, etc.    


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